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Michael-Sullivan-Analytics-EdgeHi, I’m Mike Sullivan, and this is my business.  mike_sullivan@analyticsedge.com

I have worked for small to mid-size companies for over 35 years, and I was always disappointed that free products were never quite enough to get the job done, and the paid counterparts were simply too expensive.

With Analytics Edge, I am building the products I always wanted: feature-rich, fast and simple to use, unlimited use, and inexpensive.


“Every small digital marketing company’s must-have”

I am an absolute lover of this product for at least 4 years if not more. For my small-medium business, it has meant increased efficiencies, huge cutbacks on amount of time spent getting data, more reliable data, and a near-automated scheduled API calls means data can keep on being gathered without you having to watch it. I find this program extremely well-developed and the way that the API UI is translated into the visual configuration panels is intuitive and lets you get things done quickly. Customer service is in a class of its own, 10 starts out of 5. It is quite an unassuming product that will surprise you.
Rafael R. | July 20, 2022


Technically Better

Analytics Edge is a purpose-built, professionally written application suite for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The application and add-ins are small, fast, and easy to use. They are also secure, scalable and modular. Designed for individual use, yet strong enough for agencies and enterprises.


I’ve used Analytics Edge for a long time now, love the product, it’s been rock solid, etc.  …  For the price,
you get so much from AE. I use it almost daily for large-scale export and analysis. 
Glenn Gabe | Jun 26, 2018

Base Technology – Analytics Edge is written in the C# programming language with a lot of shared code between the Add-in and the App versions of the product. All products are 100% installed with no intermediate server storing your credentials or processing your queries; this keeps the costs down to a minimum.

The add-in interfaces with Excel as an XLL add-in. This lets it run much faster than Visual Basic (VBA) add-ins, and doesn’t require the macro-enabled workbooks that create deployment headaches and security concerns.

The App leverages Microsoft’s new MAUI Blazor hybrid technology to provide a modern interface on both Windows and MacOS computers, and they access the files directly instead of through the slower Javascript add-in interfaces.

Modular – Rather than bundling all the connectors together, you pay only for what you want to use – each connector is licensed separately.

…It really removes the limitation of GA…

Scalable – Designed for Big Data and heavy use, Analytics Edge doesn’t let limits get in the way. Connectors will automatically download all the data available unless you specify otherwise. You can also combine multiple queries, from multiple sources, into multiple worksheets and multiple workbooks. You are limited only by the service APIs themselves; Analytics Edge has no limits.

Direct – Analytics Edge add-in and app runs locally on your computer, and the connectors make calls straight to the service API they support. There is no intermediate server slowing down your request, caching your data, or seeing your queries. This is why the connectors have no usage limits and one low price — the queries and processing runs entirely on your computer.

…the speed of queries! WOW

Fast – Response time is fast – even with 750,000 rows of data! Analytics Edge was designed with a unique combination of technologies, tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel and highly optimized to download, process and deliver your data into your worksheets as fast as possible (Google Sheets, being network-based, runs a little slower). No other tool can get the job done faster.

Secure – All account credentials and configuration information is cached only on your computer where they are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption — the same encryption technology used by many government agencies worldwide. Credentials are not stored in your workbooks, making them safe to distribute without worry. Each connector uses the strongest form of authentication and network communications available from the web service it supports.

Powerful – The Add-ins use an in-memory database that mimics Excel’s own tables — using columns of dates, text or numbers. Like expensive ETL tools (Extract, Transform, Load), imported or downloaded data can be manipulated using simple step-by-step function wizards, making it possible to completely automate the conversions necessary to go from raw data to meaningful metrics.

…a 1-2 minute task saving hours of time…

Automation –  Refresh all the queries in your workbook with a single click using the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, even if it involves multiple sources or different accounts. For the ultimate in automation, the Core Add-in not only automates the refresh, it also lets you sort, filter, pivot, convert, combine, compare, calculate, and more, without complicated Excel formulas or restrictive pivot tables. It also lets you schedule unattended refreshes, save to PDF, and can even send your report as an email attachment.

No Coding – All Analytics Edge functions and queries are configured through pop-up wizards. Analytics Edge macros are automatically recorded by opening one wizard function after another. Editing a function step or query opens the same wizard with all of your previous settings. Unlike Excel macros, there is no programming involved! For more advanced users, the Core Add-in even supports range name references (variables) and repeating macros (loops).

Flexible – Things change, and Analytics Edge takes it all in stride. The Core Add-in lets you easily step through macros and see the result of each function transformation. Simple macro development and editing is supported with full undo/redo capabilities. You can easily insert, remove or re-order steps, as well as copy and paste queries and functions from other macros.

…it all becomes very easy to understand… 

Simple – Our tagline is Simple Excel Report Automation, but our mantra is Simple. Technically, it’s simply better.

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