Privacy Policy

Analytics Edge Website

The Analytics Edge website uses Google Analytics to track visitor behaviour in an anonymous fashion. You may opt-out of this tracking by using a Google Analytics opt-out.

Analytics Edge Product Usage Tracking

The Analytics Edge Add-in and Connector products are software packages installed locally on your computer, like Microsoft Excel. They do not have a server-component and do not share query or data transfer information with any Analytics Edge company computers.

Account Security

Analytics Edge Connectors provide access between your computer and your data on the web service you connect to. Where possible, Analytics Edge Connectors use the latest, most secure connection mechanism available; in most cases, this is using Oauth2 access tokens. All of your credentials or access tokens are encrypted using industrial-strength AES encryption and are stored locally on your computer. Your credentials grant access to Analytics Edge (the product), but are never shared with Analytics Edge Inc (the company). They are saved in configuration files on your computer, not in your workbooks. You are free to share report spreadsheets without security concerns.

Data Transfer Security

All data and queries are transferred directly between the web service and your computers using the most secure mechanism provided by the service; in most cases this is SSL-encrypted HTTPS connections. At no time are your queries or data exposed, or available to, Analytics Edge Inc (the company).

Usage Tracking by Computer

Analytics Edge products are available in free and paid versions, but all products are licensed for use. The licensing algorithm identifies and tracks usage by the computer that the software is installed on. The products track several user interface interactions for product improvement purposes. At no time does this tracking record, expose, or access your saved account credentials, queries or the data returned.

Email Address

When you register Analytics Edge products, you may provide an email address to activate the product. When you purchase a license, you may also provide an email address. Analytics Edge Inc (the company) uses these email addresses to contact you regarding your use of the product. We will not share it with anyone, nor will we use it for any other purpose without your prior approval (subject to legal disclosure requirements).

Managing Your Information

To change the email address associated with your computer installation, open the License wizard, select the add-in (top row), enter your new email address and click the Activate button. If you have stopped using the product and want your email removed, send a request to Emails will be deleted automatically 12 months after your last product usage.

Date of last revision: June 22, 2018