Analytics Edge Core Add-in

Record and play automation macros in Microsoft Excel without programming! The Analytics Edge Core Add-in provides more than 20 powerful analytics functions, controlled by a simple point-and-click wizard interface. All your steps are automatically recorded, easily edited and replayed so you can free yourself from tedious spreadsheet updates and frustrating formula errors!

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in can automatically grab data from multiple sources, including files and spreadsheets, and is easily extended to include web services like Google Analytics, Constant Contact or Facebook through optional Analytics Edge connectors.

Here is just one example of the kind of automation possible using the Analytics Edge Core Add-in:

General Capabilities

Analytics Edge task paneThis small add-in works inside Microsoft Excel and uses regular Excel workbooks (.xlsx). From its own menu on the Excel ribbon bar, you have access to all the features and functions, including:

  • Easily install or update any of the optional Analytics Edge connectors
  • Get data from any of the optional Analytics Edge connectors
  • Select from over 20 function wizards to analyze your data
  • Automatically record your step-by-step analysis in a macro
  • Edit any of the function steps using the same wizards
  • Refresh all, or selected, macros in the workbook with a simple click
  • Schedule individual workbooks to be refreshed daily, weekly or monthly

Analytics Functions

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in has everything you need to automate your analysis. The following list will give you an idea of the capabilities, but there is so much more possible.

File (Input / Output)

  • Read text files or worksheets, even from other workbooks
  • Write results anywhere on any worksheet, or a text file
  • Save as a PDF file or workbook, and optionally send by email
  • Create a macro that repeats for every line in a worksheet

Multiple Table Functions

  • Append the current results to the bottom of another table
  • Combine with another table, aligning like rows and columns
  • Compare to matching rows and columns from another table
  • Add or remove rows with matching keys in another table
  • Update the current table with matching values from another table
  • Lookup values with matching keys from another table


Table Functions

  • Name the current table in memory so you can go back to it later
  • Assign range names to the columns of the current table
  • Rearrange the columns by name or position
  • Combine or remove duplicate rows
  • Filter with multiple criteria to keep or remove rows
  • Pivot by one column’s values, optionally filling in missing dates
  • Sort by specific columns or by all numeric columns in order
  • Keep or remove the top or bottom N rows
  • Aggregate the first or last N rows/columns
  • Unpivot a table, reversing already pivoted data

Column Functions

  • Calculate a new column using simple math functions
  • Create a column of Excel formulas
  • Various conversions for text, number or date columns
  • Split columns into other columns or multiple rows
  • Join multiple columns together
  • Convert numbers to rank positions
  • Replace parts or whole text strings (optional regex)
  • Subtotal numeric columns on selected key column values

Scheduling Capability

  • uses Windows Task Scheduler on your computer
  • Schedule Manager makes it easy to manage many schedules
  • reports missed schedules in case of reboot
  • can schedule any workbook on the computer
  • daily, weekly, monthly schedules at any hour
  • launch Excel report from Schedule Manager listing


The Bottom Line: Time Savings

With the Analytics Edge Core Add-in, your data download and analysis efforts are dramatically faster, and ongoing refreshes are effortless. Download your own copy today and see why customers say it is a “great tool that makes life easy“.