Connector for Google Search

Get Search Analytics data
into Excel automatically

Supports new Search Console API


No account or query limits,
download as often as you want

Easy Google Search Console Downloads

The updated  Analytics Edge Connector for Google Search makes it easy to download the new Search Analytics data directly into Excel. You get access to all of the new Search Analytics metrics, crawler errors and sitemap information! This is the ultimate helper for Google Search Console!


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Connector Capabilities

Search Analytics

  • all the data for all your sites, even if more than 5000 rows
  • by date, by week, or by month for the past 16 months
  • compare 2 date ranges with difference and % change columns
  • by page, query, country and/or device type
  • custom filtering for each query
  • sort by clicks, impressions, CTR or position
  • top # pages, top # queries, top # countries

Site Administration

  • list of site available
  • status of sitemaps
  • URL crawl errors counts
  • URL crawl errors samples

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in makes it easy to store your data offline!

The Analytics Edge Connector for Google Search is available from the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

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