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Google Analytics Data in Excel

  • No Account Limits
  • No Query Limits
  • No Row Limits
  • Can Minimize Sampling
  • Free Reports!
  • No Cost!

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Works with Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher; Windows 10.


You can pay with a tweet, or a post, or a share, but you don’t have to. They are Simply Free — theĀ Analytics Edge Core Add-in: Free License Option.


Technically better for Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher. Simply free license terms


Inexpensive Upgrades

Get the full power of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in with a Premium license. Quick functions like pivot, sort, and filter, plus code-free macros (no formulas or script writing!) to fully automate data cleansing, comparisons and calculations.

Upgrade to the Google Analytics Pro Connector for complete support of Google Analytics 360 accounts including extra custom dimensions and metrics, multi-channel funnel reporting and more.

Add other data sources like Google Ads, Google Search, Facebook Ads and more. Pay only for the connectors you need to fully automate your reporting and free up your week!

Amazing Automation, Simple To Use!