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Works with Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher; Windows 10.

The only Microsoft Excel plug-in with a free Google Analytics connector that has no account limits, no query limits, no download limits, and advanced features to minimize sampling. There are even free Excel reports available. You can pay with a tweet, or a post, or a share, but you don’t have to. They are Simply Free — the Analytics Edge Core Add-in: Free License Option.

Technically better for Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher. Simply free license terms

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in includes a Free License option that lets you place query results anywhere on a worksheet, and you can have as many queries as you want, using different accounts, different metrics, even different data sources. They all refresh with a single click! Online help and support forum provided, and quick access to a growing list of free Excel reports. In addition to the free connector, the Core Add-in works with all of the inexpensive connectors from Analytics Edge, so you can pull data from multiple sources with ease. The add-in even alerts you to upgrades and free trials available, all easily installed with a simple click.


The Google Analytics (Free) connector has most of the features and capabilities as the paid version, but lacks access to multichannel funnel data and the management API. It has no account limit, no profile limit, no query limit, all the common dimensions and metrics, dynamic date ranges, custom segments and filters, download more than 10,000 rows, and minimize data sampling errors. Dates are downloaded as Excel dates, percentages ready to be formatted as % in Excel, and numeric dimensions can be downloaded as either text or numbers. Analytics Edge takes the pain out of working with the Google Analytics API.


All free licensed products include forum support at no cost. Note that there is no email support [reserved for paid licensees only]. 

Amazing Automation, Simply Free!