Google Analytics Reporting In Excel

Sorry, but the free solution no longer exists. I have kept true to providing the lowest-possible cost for you, though: $149 per year with no account or usage limits.

Effective July 1, 2023, the Analytics Edge Core Add-in will no longer be granted free Basic licenses for new installations. Existing installations will continue to operate but the Basic/Free functionality may be dropped in future product updates.

With the deprecation of Google Analytics/Universal Analytics by Google, the Free Google Analytics connector will no longer serve a purpose and will be dropped from the portfolio. The Google Analytics Pro connector already supports Google Analytics 4, and is fully supported.

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in is being rebranded to the ‘Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel’, and the Google Analytics Pro connector will drop the ‘Pro’ reference.

Inexpensive Spreadsheet Report Automation

Get the full power of the Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel. Quick functions like pivot, sort, and filter, plus code-free macros (no formulas or script writing!) to fully automate data cleansing, comparisons and calculations.

The Connector for Google Analytics has complete support of Google Analytics 4.

Add other data sources like Google Ads, Google Search, Facebook Ads and more. Pay only for the connectors you need to fully automate your reporting and free up your week!

Amazing Automation, Simple To Use!