Connector for Bing Webmaster Tools

Get Bing Webmaster data
into Excel automatically

Get search engine metrics
and website crawl statistics

No account or query limits,
download as often as you want

Simple Bing Webmaster Tools Downloads

The Analytics Edge Connector for Bing Webmaster Tools makes it easy to download your data directly into Excel. You get access to all of the major Webmaster report results including the page traffic, search keywords, inbound links and crawl issues.


Connector Capabilities

  • No account, property or query limits
  • Get search metrics for your top pages
  • See which queries returned specific pages in search
  • See which of your pages appeared for specific queries
  • Get related keywords for a specific query expression
  • Track inbound links for your sites
  • Monitor crawl stats and issues

The Analytics Edge Connector for Bing Webmaster Tools is available from either the Analytics Edge Basic Add-in or the Analytics Edge Core Add-in.

Pricing and Download