Analytics Edge Products

Analytics Edge products are designed to simplify your spreadsheet reporting from several perspectives:


Do you find it tedious to download data from multiple services?

Refresh your spreadsheets in seconds with data from popular services.

Get fresh data with connectors to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many other sources. Refresh all your queries with a single click, even if they are from multiple sources and multiple accounts. Analytics Edge products are designed to get you back to work as quickly as possible. Getting the data for a new report is fast, and refreshes happen in seconds.

No Code

Don’t have the time or desire to learn programming or formulas?

All queries and analytics functions are created with simple wizards.

No coding, no scripts, not even formulas; pick your accounts, fields, and options from the pop-up wizards. Functions like pivot, lookup, and save as PDF are added simply by picking fields and options in a wizard. A series of function wizards can be combined into ‘macros’, automatically recorded for you. There is no need to learn API terminology or formula syntax. Work quickly, at a high level, and let the application handle the technical stuff.


Every report is slightly different and constantly changing?

Build reports fast with quick queries or perform unique analyses with macros.

Place queries where you want, in the same or different sheets, from the same or different sources. You control what data you want and where it goes. Copy and paste. Edit queries and functions with the same wizards they were created with. Use cell references in the wizards where it makes sense. Analytics Edge products are designed for the dynamic environment that spreadsheets provide. Changes are quick and easily done. When you need something more advanced, build a ‘macro’ by stepping through function wizards like match, split, duplicates or group.


Complicated formulas and pivot tables leaving you in ‘spreadsheet hell’?

High-level functions work on entire tables or columns of dates, text and numbers.

‘Quick queries’ provide common functions (pivot, arrange, filter, and sort) and can satisfy many reporting needs. Convert it to a ‘macro’, and over 30 other functions are available to handle almost any data transformation challenge. Group, then pivot, then total, then do a lookup, and combine with another query – all wizard-based functions. The results are written to the spreadsheet as simple dates, text and numbers, not locked into a data model or pivot table.


Have lots of accounts and queries but not a lot of money?

Analytics Edge is priced low, by computer, with no account or usage limits.

Analytics Edge products are installed and run on your computer. Account credentials (access tokens) are created, encrypted, and stored there. The application makes all the API calls direct to the API servers at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. – your computer does all the work and gets all the results. You don’t pay (or wait) for a shared server to process your requests or data, and you reduce security and privacy concerns since there is no 3rd party data processor or account exposure. Connectors are priced at only $50 per year, the application (add-in or desktop app) is $99 per year.


Would you benefit from a more detailed analysis at times?

When you need it, Analytics Edge can perform the complex data transformations you need.

It supports programming concepts like loops (repeat function), and if statements (run…if… function), and it includes specialty functions like unpivot, group (categorize), and split-to-rows. You can create multiple macros and run them in sequence. Read data from other workbooks, download data from web pages, make simple API calls, and send updated reports via Gmail or Microsoft email. Analytics Edge is designed to work with and extend the spreadsheet’s capabilities. And since the data is written into your spreadsheet, you have all the spreadsheet’s native capabilities as well.


Bottom line: Analytics Edge products free you up from tedious reporting tasks and let you provide a value-adding analysis with a minimal investment in time or money.


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