From Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets [to Google Data Studio]

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Microsoft Excel can be used to automate your report updates, with connectors to Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console and more. Now it can also copy the results directly to a Google Sheets worksheet — automatically!

Since the queries are run from your PC, and only the data is written into Google Sheets, so you maintain security and control. The Google Sheets application files can be shared directly with clients, or for more sophisticated presentations, they can be used as a data source for Google’s Data Studio reporting solution.

Data from any of the Analytics Edge connectors can be used to populate Google Sheets reports for your clients — all from your PC! Combine data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads, as well as MailChimp and Constant Contact, Google Search Console, and of course Google Analytics.

Simple report automation for Microsoft Excel…now extended to Google Sheets!

Available in v6.5.0 of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in. Install now!

A Better Google Data Studio Data Source

If you are using Google’s Data Studio for reporting, you have probably noticed that is can be slow at times, and the more complicated your report gets, the slower it runs. This is typical of online reporting tools – if your data requires processing (pivot, filter, sort) to fill in a table or present a visual chart, you are relying on a a sliver of the resources of a shared server to do all that work. A better approach: pre-process your data into a simple Google Sheets file. Link your tables and visuals to simple spreadsheets with summary data. The result: faster, more impressive reports!

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in has all the processing power you need, and the wizard-based macro capability makes quick work of automating the process. A collection of available data connectors allow you to download all the data you need in no time. Since it uses your own computer’s resources to do the processing, it’s fast, secure and reliable. There are no account or query limits; and with no usage charges, it can also be a lot less expensive.