Optional Tracking and Debug Mode

Usage Tracking

Product usage tracking can now be turned off in the latest releases of the Analytics Edge Add-in for Excel and the Desktop App (2024-06-30). The option appears in the License wizard as part of the License Agreement section:

Note that usage tracking does not include any account or query details — it is limited to click and error logging. That information is used exclusively for product support purposes.

Debug Mode

Also in this release, the Options wizard includes a new section to enable ‘Debug Mode’. This mode serves a couple of purposes. First, it enables access to new connectors that have not yet been released — which currently is the Google Business Profile connector (release candidate) and the YouTube Anaytics connector (very early alpha). Access to these connectors requires pre-registration of accounts with Google’s API, so contact support if you are interested in trying them out.

The second purpose of the Debug Mode is to log raw API responses to files in a temporary folder. This can be helpful when debugging API problems.

Note that turning on Debug Mode also turns on usage tracking, regardless of the settings in the License wizard.