Google Analytics Connector Automatically Updates Fields

Starting with version 11.19.0/1.19.0 of the Analytics Edge Add-in/App, the Google Analyics connector now automatically updates to the latest dimensions and metrics available.

When you edit a query, if a field has been deprecated and replaced with a new field — for example: ‘conversions’ has been changed to ‘keyEvents’ — a new popup will appear telling you that the field in your query has been automatically updated for you.

It is important to note that the column names will change along with the field name, so other parts of your report may need to be adjusted — the ‘Conversions’ column will become ‘Key Events’, for example.

This feature also takes care of filter and sorting selections for you.

For existing queries, if they use deprecated fields, a new entry will appear in the Status Log after a refresh.

The update is available now – simply download and run the installer to update your current installation.