Export more than 5000 rows in Google Analytics

The free license for the Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Excel includes a Free Google Analytics connector that can download as many rows as you want. The simple wizard-based interface also includes features to minimize the effects of sampling, converting dates to Excel dates, and converting percentage metrics to numbers that can be formatted as percentages in Excel (0.1 => 10%).


There are no account limits, no query limits, and no download limits imposed by the free option. Queries run from your computer direct to the API, so all your account information and data stays secure and in your control.

Multiple queries can be placed anywhere on your worksheet(s) and all are refreshed with a single button click.

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There are also premium upgrades available at reasonable prices:

Premium add-in upgrades provide the ability to schedule refreshes and to build wizard-based ‘macros’ to automate the download and analytics transformations like pivoting and combining query results, and a number of premium connectors can get your data from Google Ads, Google Search Console and more.

A premium connector upgrade provides management lists, multi-channel funnel reports, and GA 360 customers gain full access to all custom dimensions/metrics and unsampled queries.

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