Excellent Analytics: Free Excel Add-in for Google Analytics (2022)

Analytics Edge still provides a completely free alternative to the old Excellent Analytics open source project to download your Google Analytics (UA) data into Microsoft Excel. Up-to-date and fully supported. With the free license option in the Analytics Edge Core Add-in and the included Free Google Analytics connector, you can:

  • use multiple logins and website profiles
  • unlimited accounts, queries and downloads!
  • automatically downloads all data (no 10,000 row limit)
  • can minimize Google Analytics data sampling
  • access to the latest dimensions and metrics
  • refresh all the queries in your report with a single click
  • no need to learn API field names; uses the same terminology as the web interface
  • flexible date ranges; can use worksheet cell references
  • fully supported with responsive forum support
  • plenty of free reports and expert articles provided

“Analytics Edge: Free, Reliable, Everything Excellent Analytics Wasn’t”Annielytics.com

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Upgrades Available

If you need more, Analytics Edge protects your investment by providing several upgrade paths that do not require changes to your existing reports:

  • premium Google Analytics Pro connector for Google Analytics 4 reports and much more
  • inexpensive upgrade to a premium license with analytics workflow automation
  • easy to add premium connectors for Google Search, AdWords and more

See how Analytics Edge can make your Excel report automation simple. Download your free copy now!

RIP: Excellent Analytics Open Source Plugin

As of April 20, 2015, Google turned off the old ClientLogin authentication used by the plugin, so you will get an “Invalid password / username” error. The development of the add-in was never really picked up by the community, so it’s design was already outdated by the time that happened.

Fixing the login problem was a small part of the work required to get the plugin working again, so Analytics Edge created a free replacement for it: a better Google Analytics plugin for Excel; one that is easy to use and unlimited. It is Simply Free.