Analytics Edge – Simple Excel Report Automation

Analytics Edge Add-inNo time and no money? Analytics Edge was designed for you. If you are spending hours refreshing Excel workbooks, help is finally here. 

For Individuals and Owner-Run Agencies

With Analytics Edge, I am introducing simple Excel report automation:

  • Wizard-based interface uses no formulas or programming
  • Automatically records your steps; can be instantly replayed
  • Simple step-by-step analytics, the way you think
  • All the common reporting functions from a simple ribbon menu
  • Affordable for individuals with immediate payback
  • Direct email support and free samples get you started fast
  • No usage limits, the price doesn’t change

Macros Without VBA Programming

30-days-freeAnalytics Edge is simple because it doesn’t use complicated formulas, Excel macros, or Visual Basic (VBA) programming. The product is centered around a small task pane displayed beside the worksheet, and a new ribbon bar that offers a collection of common functions. Pick a function, select a few options from the wizard interface, and it is automatically added as a step in the task pane. Everything is there to add, edit, delete, reorder, undo, and copy the steps needed to complete your analysis. Refreshing the report becomes a simple click of the Refresh button.

  • See the results of each function as they execute
  • Make changes with the same wizard interface
  • Designed to make changes fast and painless
  • Refresh month-after-month with minimal fuss

Connects To Your World

manage-connectorsIn the real world, no report stands alone or stays the same for long. Analytics Edge has a suite of connectors for common web services, and it is designed to help you through any change. You can step through the macro and see intermediate results, edit individual steps using the same wizards they were created with, and undo/redo changes until you get it right again. Since there are no cell-based formulas and no programs to update, you are done in a flash with far less chance of an embarrassing oversight. 

Free Up Your Day For Other Things

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in for Microsoft Excel; first in a long list of products that will free up your time and shift your focus back to your business. Download your free trial today!

Mike Sullivan, Founder