SEO Reporting Tools for Excel

Analytics Edge has all the tools you need for Search Engine Optimization reporting!

Start with the free Analytics Edge Basic Add-in and included free Google Analytics connector to build your web site traffic reports. With no account or query limits, one click refresh, and excellent support, you can easily build custom reports for each of your clients, or create a template for them all.

Expand your solution with connectors for Google Search, Bing Webmaster Tools, or Moz. Dabble with pay-per-click? Add Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads connectors. Get the data you need without breaking the bank — each connector costs only $50 per year with no account or query limits!

Looking for more analysis and automation? Move up to the Analytics Edge Standard Add-in to get Pivot, Arrange, Sort and Filter functions for each of your queries (with scheduled refreshes), or go all-out for the Analytics Edge Core (Pro) Add-in to enable you to record automation macros that turn reporting headaches into a memory and opens the door to extraordinary analysis capabilities…for just $75 a year.

Affordable SEO reporting in Excel from Analytics Edge. Get started today – all products are free to use for 30 days! There are even some free reports to get you started fast, like this SEO Summary Report.