PPC Reporting Solution

The Data Connectors You Need

The Analytics Edge add-ins for Excel now have all the connectors you need for a cost-effective pay-per-click reporting solution: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads connectors can be combined together with the Free Google Analytics connector to pull your client’s data into a simple Excel workbook. Create a template workbook you can easily reuse, or quickly build custom solutions to suit your unique client reporting requirements — with Excel and Analytics Edge, almost anything is possible. And the [very low] annual subscription price won’t change as your business grows – there are no account or query limits with Analytics Edge!

Choose The Add-in Automation You Want

Leverage the automation macro and scheduled refresh capabilities of the Analytics Edge Core Add-in to transform the data into the analysis you need — FAST — without struggling through complicated Excel formulas or manual steps! Or keep it simple with Quick Queries while retaining scheduled refreshes and common functions like pivot, sort and filter. If you just want the data or to try it out, the Free license option can get it done for you [all the connectors are free to use for 30 days]! Upward compatibility means you can always step up to a more powerful add-in license without losing any of your investment in existing reports.

Designed for Small Agencies and Owner-Run Businesses

Get started on 1 PC for only $150/year (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads) — about what you’d pay for a starter pack of one of those web-based solutions. And Analytics Edge has no account or query limits, so the price change doesn’t change as you use it more.

With Analytics Edge, it is just you and your data; all the queries are run from your computer direct to Google, Facebook or Bing’s API servers; there is no intermediate server to slow you down. Confidentiality is not a concern: your client’s data never passes through an Analytics Edge server.

And you can stop worrying about security; all your login credentials are stored [strongly encrypted] on your computer, so you can freely share your reporting workbooks.  And those workbooks can be standard Excel XLSX files; not dubious macros-enabled XLSM files.


Analytics Edge can be YOUR pay-per-click reporting solution. Get started today – no purchase necessary, you don’t even have to supply your email address!